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Branditat is an international team based in Beijing dedicated to developing tailor-made brand strategies, campaigns and products.

in a new context

Branding used to be finding an empty spot in the market space, designing a great logo and then train all the employees to follow a static guideline. This has changed.

Branditat helps companies and organisations to navigate the cultural contexts. Why? First of all because we know that a strong brand not only does boost customer perception, but it also drives organisational aspects of companies.
Secondly, because we love what we do.

 our philosophy

Today is the future

Nobody can predict the future. But we all have a chance to be pro-active and try to shape the world to come.

All brands activities – campaigns, new products or public relations – will affect how users and consumers look at that brand. Being in sync with today means planning for the future.

Grasping the future in the desired context is key. How is the world of tomorrow? Post-growth? Queer-society? Biomimicry? Neo-modernism?

Branditat shapes the future with todays’ and 
tomorrow’ best brands.

Coming to China?

Not only big corporations. We are happy to help Start-ups and Small and medium enterprises to enter and grow in the Chinese market.

SME services

An initial category research gives insights into the Chinese market and helps to understand if it is worth following through with concreate actions. It costs less than a trip to China, and saves your company time and money.


Test your brand and products with the local market. Gauge their fit to the Chinese market and their resonance with the tastes and aspirations of the local customers. Plan, adapt, test and refine.
Together with our linguistic and legal partners, we help you in the first steps of becoming Chinese.

Gaining a sound understanding of the market, its trends, the competition, as well as the habits of the local consumers is a crucial key to success. We dig deep and try to find the “why” – both seen with consumers eyes and as a broad picture.


Not only do we help you with devising your China market access plan, but also support you in the execution. From strategy to implementation, from inception to sales, we team up with some of the best, helping you to succeed.

Our approach

it all starts with insights


We do not guess.

We always dig deep till we find evidence. A super short desktop research about a given category in a foreign society provides a good starting point for further exploration. A qualitative study investigating customer behaviour in the purchase process identifies pain-points to be optimised. And using big data to analyse venture capital reveals technological and societal trends.


We work smart.

Based upon our findings we start an iterative explorative phase. Here we ideate, design, redesign, test, valuate and iterate. Again. And again. The best time to fail is now.

A photo says more than a thousand words and a prototype more than a thousand photos. 


We walk the last mile.

Having the ideas or the strategies is only half the job. Developing the real product, guidelines, beautiful graphics or user interfaces is where we see things coming to life. And then, when launched, we keep improving the brand based on public reactions.

Only when you are happy we are happy.

Some of the great brands we have worked for

we share ambitions with some of the best brands

Our team

Branditat is a small agile team with people from different countries, cultures and professions.



Nico has over 5 years international business experience in advising foreign companies in market access and business development in China. He has authored plenty market reports and coordinated research projects analyzing the evolvingsocio-cultural aspects of doing business in China.

Nico has served European companies in the automotive, chemical and green tech industries. With his fluent Chinese, genuine interest in Italian brands and a background from diplomacy and philosophy, he always pushes the rest of the team to find the last missing link.



With over 11 years experience as a strategic design consultant, deep understanding of the user, the cultural and the business perspective of projects, Bjørn always search for the big picture, and with a background as industrial designer, seeing things through the eyes of the user is of first priority.

Bjørn has served as Experience Designer for Audi City – a new digital car showroom format, supported Audi on their brand strategy and the adaption for China and further helped numerous brand succed with their digital marketing strategy. 



Sindre is the digital designer. He has several years of experience with interaction design, programming, 3D-animation and storytelling both from the USA, China and Europe.

Some notable projects are working with user interface of a leading European 3D-software for designing transport infrastructure, making a demo game that was highlighted by Intel’s CEO at the Intel Developer Forum 2016, and being part of a production of an award-winning 3D-animated short film.

As a most Norwegian, Sindre is open minded and ready to make the wildest ideas come to life.



Nawad is a fresh young man full of energy. He has built his experience by working in different industries, such as hospitality, luxury and technology. In his work, Nawad focuses on offering a structured approach to brand growth, from the drafting of hands-on market researches to the implementation of tailor made strategic responses. 

Nawad’s approach is research driven. He is always motivated to understand the determinants behind facts, being them the most recent market trends or specific traits of consumer behavior. 

He served for the Comorian Government as a coordinator with Chinese Companies and in 2016 received an award of “the best performing company” by BSG, a global business strategy game. 



Alessandro combines his psychology skills and a passion for photography and visual arts, and has since 2004 commuted between Italy and China, researching trends and cultural aspects of consumption for companies like Ferrero, Disney, Barilla and many others. With his keen understanding of the Chinese culture and his fluent Chinese, he works as a visual researcher and coolhunteron various projects monitoring trends, values and cultural aspects of consumption. 

Additionally, Alessandro works on news and documentaries for ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, writes about creativity in China for, and, as a director/author, he is making a documentary about Chinese contemporary art and life.



Zhenyu Zhu is adaptable and open-minded, and describes himself as a young innovator. Using his business knowledge, Zhenyu figures out how to get projects done with precis research and a well-founded analysis, and then later by uses his engineering logics to handle everything effectively. Additionally, Zhenyu pay attention to details and has the ability to multitask within the fast paced environment at Branditat.

Zhenyu has already served in multiple industries – once as a social media worker in a fashion company and once as a manager for a restaurant chain, attending building the companies culture. He also has gained marketing experiences, especially in applying a 4P’s strategy to help companies to figure out their risks. 

We are hiring. 

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